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Styles of Interior Design - Modern

Styles of Interior Design - Modern - Internal Line Interior Design

“Modern” style is famous as a static (era-specific) design style that breaks with pre-Industrial Revolution traditional styles. In short, modern design is connected to the age of machination that typically referred to 1920s-1950s style and generally speaking modern design refers to anything from the 20th Century.

One of the most important elements in modern interior design is “form”. It uses geometric shapes, including rigid squares and rectangles along with smooth and even curves. Perfect circles and ovals are also very common in modern interior design. Modern interior design is basically very simple and it is popular in homes, offices and public spaces for decades. Modern Interior Design is not suitable for everyone's tastes but on the other hand it is strongly liked by those home buyers who like to appreciate clean lines. Modern Interior Style may include:

  • Clean-Lined Architecture

Modern architecture incorporates glass windows where walls would traditionally have existed, whitewash, white stucco and intentional asymmetry. Flat roofs and distinct right angles are inherent in modern architecture as well.

  • Clean Interiors

Modern design is born from a vantage point of trying hard to break from tradition. Traditional spaces tend to be full both visually and physically. Modern spaces on the other hand embrace simplicity in adornment.

  • Raised, Open Furniture

Modern furniture tends to be raised off the floor (no traditional sofa skirts) and open, but giving the entire space a feeling of airiness. Furniture lines of modern design are clean and relatively simple, with minimal adornment or embellishment.

  • Minimal, Unadorned Style

A key component of modern design is its minimalism – using the least to achieve the most. The result is a clutter-free space where attention is placed in the details whether those will be architectural, artistic or furniture-related.

  • Natural Materials

Perhaps so as to keep the streamlined look and feel of a modern space from feeling clinical, modern style incorporates plenty of natural materials. These include wood, stone, leather, teak and even linen – all materials that quietly provide warmth and texture to a space without detracting from the overall feel.

  • White Walls, Bare Floors, Plywood, Plastic & Polished Metal

In Modern interior design white walls are usually crispy, clean and fresh. They enhance the details of the room itself without drawing attention to themselves. Bare floors are also a part of modern design but sometimes you can cover bare floor with area rugs that are usually neutral tone and made of natural materials (e.g. Wool, Jute and Sisal)

Modern furniture accessories and even architectural details incorporate materials that stem from the industrial age. Some easily recognizable examples include iconic chairs of molded plastic, wood credenzas and furniture legs of polished metal.  

In modern world Internal Line Interior Design is one amongst the fastest growing interior fit-out companies in Dubai. In present age Internal line Interior Design ideas are unique, having industry specialists with the strong sense of interior design art and creative minds who work very closely with clients and bring their requirements to reality. Internal Line mainly offers all types of services to their clients for design and fit out work.

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